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The first person to explore this region was Mr. Nguyen Thong. Approximately 25 years later, in 1893, Dr. Yersin, a French immunologist discovered Dankia high lands while on an expedition to the Langbian high lands.

Xuan Huong Lake was formed by a dam in 1919. Its name comes from the meaning of the perfume and beauty of the spring. Xuan Huong Lake is a poetic site, attracting leisure visitors; it is also a popular rendezvous site for lovers.

Da Lat Flower Gardens were established in 1966 by the South Vietnamese Agriculture Service and renovated in 1985. Flowers represented in include hydrangeas, fuchsias and orchids. Most of the latter are in special shaded buildings off to the right from the entrance. The orchids are grown in blocks of coconut palm trunk and in terracotta pots with lots of ventilation holes.

Datanla Falls is a cascade about 350m from National Road 20 on a path that first passes through a forest of pines and then continues steeply down the hill into a rainforest. The other good thing is the wildlife - lots of squirrels, birds and butterflies.

Prenn Falls (elevation 1124m), located at the foot of the Prenn Mountain Pass, is one of the largest and loveliest falls in the Dalat area. As you approach the falls, you will be able to notice the subtle change in temperature brought by the mist from the water falling from a height of 10m. Another good thing is that the foot of the fall is a small valley covered with flowers and pine trees.

Lang Bian Mountain has five volcanic peaks ranging in altitude from 2,100m to 2,400m. Of the two highest peaks, the eastern one is known to locals by the womans name KLang; the western one bears a mans name, HBian. The upper reaches of the mountain are forested. The views from the top of Lang Bian Mountain are truly spectacular.


Dep: 8:15 AM-finish:04:00pm



1. Robin Hill 1600m (cable car-2300m–panorama view)

2. Buddhist meditation monastery&paradise lake

3. Prenn waterfall

4. Bao Dai summer Palace

5. Crazy House

Afternoon:  Dep: 13:15

6. Traditional embroidery village X.Q


7. Valley of love

8. Stop over at Da Lat jam workshop to enjoy jam and buy specialties

9. Flower garden.


lunch, entrance fees,car,guide


cable car fees, elephant riding fees.